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Polyurethane thinner 500 ml Dragon


Polyurethane thinner in a glass bottle.

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The product contains additives that improve the fluidity of the varnish. Low sulfur thinner. It does not cause yellowing of the diluted product.

The product is intended for thinning polyurethane products:




     sealing compounds, etc.

to working viscosities.

It is also used to clean tools, brushes and dirty elements after painting with polyurethane products.


1. Dilution: Follow the manufacturer's instructions of the product to be diluted.

2. Cleaning of soiled brushes, tools and other elements: immerse the cleaned items in the thinner or wipe them with a clean cloth or a clean brush soaked in the thinner. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat the operation until you get the desired results.

3. Test with a small amount of product before use.

Color - colorless; Density - 0.9 - 0.95 kg/L; Consistency - low viscosity liquid; Flash point - +25ºC

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