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Adhesive for tiles ATLAS GEOFLEX 25KG


Highly flexible, gel adhesive for ATLAS Geoflex tiles, class C2TE.

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The adhesive recipe uses an innovative silicate gel technology. Silicate gel has a unique ability to bind water. The gel fills the pores created at the stage of glue binding by a network of inorganic bonds. Accumulation of part of the mixing water ensures full cement hydration, regardless of the type of cladding to be glued. Thanks to proper water management, which is necessary to complete the bonding process, the gel adhesive guarantees full adhesion to substrates with varying degrees of absorptivity.

The use of silicate gel technology provides benefits in the form of:

the possibility of gluing all types of linings, both absorbent and non-absorbent

the possibility of optimal adjustment of the consistency of the adhesive to the individual preferences of the contractor and the needs resulting from a specific application, by dosing water in a much wider range than in the case of traditional adhesives

obtaining full flow of the adhesive mortar under the boards, which improves adhesion and durability of the fixing, especially in outdoor applications

safe fixing of tiles on substrates exposed to direct sunlight, both during tiling works and during binding of the adhesive mortar.

The most important features:

  on difficult substrates

  to work at high temperatures

  consistency tailored to your needs

  maximum size of tiles 70x70 cm

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422 Items

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25 kg
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