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BEKO Allcon construction adhesive 150ml


One-component universal adhesive.

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Allcon 10 is a one-component adhesive. Contains no solvents. Glues almost all materials: wood, fibreboards, chipboards, MDF, metal, aluminum products, natural and synthetic stone (e.g. Corian and Varicor), concrete, marble, ceramics, acrylics, plastics, gypsum boards, polystyrene, foams, materials insulating and others. It is resistant to most chemicals and weather conditions (frost-resistant glue). Achieves a very high initial bonding strength and cures quickly. It does not require the use of a primer, it can be painted and varnished. It is very efficient, safe to use and easy to apply - applied with a sealant gun.

Example application:

gluing plinths

fastening of coverings and cladding

gluing metal strips and angles

installation of cable channels

repair of damaged screws, brackets, etc.

gluing wooden elements

leveling unevenness

gluing various types of polystyrene elements


The glued surfaces must allow diffusion, be clean and degreased. The adhesive reacts with moisture in the air or material after slightly foaming. Curing can be accelerated by spraying the surface with water. All smooth surfaces must be sanded, cleaned with Beko-Allclean and sprayed lightly with water (approx. 20 g/m2). Join the glued parts within 3 minutes, squeeze until the glue sets. Regardless of the application, it is recommended to perform a trial bonding.

Any liability for the product is excluded in the event of misuse and non-compliance with the rules. The product is intended for professional and industrial use.

Practical tips:

Not suitable for gluing: glass, bituminous surfaces and surfaces containing lubricants, PE, PP, PA, EPDM, PTFE and elements under water.

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