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BEKO Tackcon Superflex glue beige 310ml


One-component, highly flexible adhesive in a tube.

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Hightec one-component elastic adhesive is characterized by high flexibility - Shore 45, wide spectrum of adhesion, permanently elastic adhesive joint, vibration-resistant, impact-resistant, paintable (except alkyd varnishes), sandable, non-corrosive, resistant to UV radiation, weather conditions and ageing, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, silicone-free.

Example use:

connecting concrete elements

structural bonding of wood

bonding various combinations of metal, ceramics, stone, plastics, wooden slats, decorative panels and many others


The surfaces to be bonded must be degreased, clean and load-bearing, otherwise they must be cleaned with Beko-Allclean. Tackcon cures without foaming into a permanently elastic and sandable mass. It is acceptable to glue a slightly damp substrate. However, it may be necessary to apply a primer if the humidity is too high. A slightly damp surface accelerates the curing of the adhesive, in particular shortening the open time. If a high level of stress is expected requiring high tensile strength, the surface should be chosen as dry as possible so that the adhesive has enough time to penetrate the material structure. In this case, the adhesive should be applied to both surfaces as thinly as possible. Before gluing the parts together, the applied adhesive can be lightly sprayed with water (approx. 20 g/m²) to accelerate curing. When gluing large surfaces, the adhesive should be applied in waves for optimum consumption. Joints should be smoothed with a 1% soap solution. The product is intended for professional and industrial use only.

Practical tips:

trial bonding and strength tests should be performed before use

do not use for underwater bonding and moving joints (max. 10% relative expansion), refueling equipment and bituminous substrates

not suitable for bonding PP, PE and Teflon

after curing it can only be removed mechanically

avoid contact with skin

in the event of misuse and use contrary to the rules, any liability for the product is excluded

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310 ml
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1-K uszczelniacz i klej poliuretanowy
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