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TYTAN foam adhesive for K-G boards 840ml


Polyurethane adhesive for fixing K-G boards.

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Professional one-component polyurethane adhesive designed for fixing plasterboards, fiber cement, cement, magnesium and wood-like boards (OSB/3) to substrates made of ordinary concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, ceramic bricks, silicate bricks, wood-like boards (OSB/3) and boards of white and graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The adhesive is very convenient to apply, and thanks to its use, assembly is much easier. The unique 3D CONTROL technology enables precise and controlled application - it gives the possibility of leveling and correcting the position of the board by gently pressing it and setting the boards to the surface with unevenness up to 20 mm.


Easy and comfortable to apply

Quick starting grip

Unique 3D CONTROL technology for precise and controlled application

Machining in just 30 minutes**

Easy levelling

No dust or dirt

Coverage up to 10 m² (3 typical plasterboards)

Excellent adhesion to most materials

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26 Items

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