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ATLAS 10KG tile adhesive


Elasticized tile adhesive.

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Improving the working parameters of the glue makes working with the mortar easy and pleasant. Enriching the glue with additives

  making it more flexible, it meets the expectations of the tiler at every stage of work.

Mixing. The glue is less susceptible to aeration and creates a homogeneous mixture - homogeneous in terms of the distribution of ingredients in the entire prepared mass. This property, supported by the ideal selection of the aggregate pile, provides the adhesive layer with the highest strength.

Applying on a trowel. The adhesive has an optimally selected viscosity, guaranteeing its transfer without loss from the trowel container and from the trowel to the substrate.

Applying to the substrate. The glue spreads perfectly over the surface - the adhesive forces of the mortar are high enough to prevent the glue from "wrapping up" on the trowel (when the substrate is properly primed).

Gluing the tile. Perfectly selected viscosity allows for easier manipulation of the glued tile.

ATLAS FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE is a mixture of the highest quality cement binder, aggregates and a special composition of modifying agents, including polymers. The refined formula makes the product obtain the highest technical parameters in its class and is widely used in residential construction:

a wide range of thicknesses of the applied adhesive layer (2-10 mm) and thus enables thin-layer gluing of linings also on uneven substrates and enables leveling of mineral substrates,

extended open time - allows you to apply the tile to the adhesive even 30 minutes from the moment of applying it to the substrate - you can apply it to a larger surface at a time and thus minimize the working time,

reduced flow, thanks to which it is possible to install the ceramics "from above" and avoid gluing cut tiles on the exposed surface,

a wide range of applications in residential construction: bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, garages, staircases, walls and floors.

Main parameters

thickness of the applied layer: 2 - 10 mm

standby time: approx. 4 hours

grouting: after 24 hours

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29 Items

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10 kg
Rodzaj kleju
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