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QSEAL TAPE external sealing tape 120 mm/70 mm/50 m


QSEAL TAPE seals areas exposed to moisture and water under ceramic tiles in critical places.


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Sealing tape designed to increase the tightness of flush-mounted places particularly exposed to moisture (wall corners, wall-floor joints, places where installation elements pass through, etc.) and to ensure tightness in places where stresses from shrinkage and thermal cracks occur. The carrier of the tapes is a white, flexible, open-work polyester fabric with a width of 120 mm, and the tightness and flexibility is ensured by a thermoplastic elastomer with a width of 70 mm placed in the middle of the tape. The outer Qseal is additionally covered with a polyester non-woven fabric from the inside, which increases adhesion and increases the resistance of the tape to minus temperatures (up to -30 degrees Celsius).

Width: 120mm

Length: 50m

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99 Items

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Szerokość taśmy
70 mm
Szerokość taśmy
120 mm
Długość taśmy
50 m
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