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MAGNAT Ceramic - Tester C77 white granite 30ml


Painting tester - ceramic interior paint.

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How to quickly and cheaply check the colors of the paint in the interior that we want to repaint? It's best to get samplers. The MAGNAT Ceramic tester is available in the form of a handy sachet filled with original paint. This allows you to test even a few colors in a given environment and lighting and choose the one that optimally fits into a given arrangement. MAGNAT Ceramic - Painting Tester is a 3rd generation ceramic interior paint, produced using the innovative CERAMIC SYSTEM technology based on ceramic components and the highest quality resins and pigments. This unique formula provides the MAGNAT paint with above-average parameters of resistance to scrubbing and repeated washing, and makes the paint coatings resistant to dirt and "difficult" stains1 and resistant to disinfectants2. This ensures exceptional coating and color durability.

MAGNAT Ceramic - Painting Tester allows you to test any chosen color on the surface you want to paint. This is a convenient solution that allows us to test a few selected colors before we decide on the right one. Thanks to the painting tester, we can see how a given color will look in our interior without having to buy a large can of paint.

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